5 Important Window Cleaning Business Tips

There are many variations on these window cleaning tips that when applied well, can help you squeeze even more time and money out of every already busy day you have running your window cleaning business. Here are a few tips I have always tried to apply myself.

1 Make sure to always carry a pen

Or for some of you, your smart phone/palm pilot (so you can write information down while your customer is talking). Whatever the case, you don’t want to forget an address or a quote you just gave on a customers windows. That actually happened to my Riverside window cleaning business once and it didn’t turn out well, lesson learned. I now carry a notepad and pen with me everywhere I go.

2 Write down the time your customer called

This isn’t some kind of life-changing secret.
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But when you consider how much time people waste playing phone tag, trying to connect, or constantly talking to voice mails these days. It’ll save you time and frustration when you know when to call. Some people make there phone calls in the morning, and others prefer the end of the work day. If you try to make it a point of recognizing your customers patterns you’ll always know the best time to reach your clients, and close a deal.

3 Never back down on your estimate

If someone complains about your high price then simply have a reason to back your prices up. Your offering them quality service that saves them the time and hassle of cleaning windows themselves. You definitely don’t want to seem like a car salesman who is dead set on selling you a car at 15,000 and no lower, but when you start to walk away he all of a sudden starts to cut the price. You want your potential customers to trust you, not see you as some window cleaner trying to swindle everyone out of there hard earned money.

4 Do your best to write thank you cards

It might be a hassle to some window cleaning business owners, but writing your customer a thank you card is a very inexpensive way to stand out from your competition and engrave your window cleaning business name into their memory. Not to mention the amount of referrals and leads you’ll get from an impressed customer. Try it out, you wont be disappointed.

5 Make a point to highlight your good qualities in front of your customer