Avoid Hair Loss With Laser Therapy

Lower level laser therapy or LLLT is a recent innovation to prevent hairloss. Although the use of laser therapy has been around for awhile now in teeth practices, dermatology clinics and utilized in many other settings, use of this low level laser application (now approved for a hand held portable laser device that can be used in the home or on vacation) is now FDA approved for locks regrowth. The laser hair therapy device or brush has been shown in order to stimulate living hair follicles into increasing stronger, healthier, shinier hair. It does not take perfect choice to treat those who are simply beginning to lose hair or who else know by their family pattern that will hair loss is in their future. Unlike oral medications or drugs, LLLT is safe for both men and women. Unlike surgical treatment, the procedure is noninvasive and pain-free. The success of laser therapy depends on the reason for your hair loss. To find out if it’s right for you, research is always key.

Investigate what causes Your Hair Loss

Do you have hair loss or simply cyclical shedding? Before you spend time plus money on any treatment to prevent hair loss, you should know that some every day hair loss is normal (up to about 100 hairs per day) so evaluate yourself over a period of time before making or getting a diagnosis. When hair does not grow back or comes out in patches then it is definitely time to treat it. There are many available assets on the topic found in books, the respected medical website, positive outcomes of friends, or your doctor. Visiting your doctor and letting him or her diagnose your condition and overall health is a good idea just before deciding whether hair loss therapy is a great choice for you.

New Technology for Hair Loss Treatment

In the past you would have to find a hairloss clinic that administers low degree laser therapy treatments.
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Your doctor generally does not perform this service, and can probably recommend taking medications for example Monoxidil or Finasteride. Medications can cause serious side effects and cannot be used by all people. Hair transplant surgery can also be risky as it is an invasive surgery and sometimes requires a little ‘downtime” for the procedure. Hair pieces or even wigs are a method of choice for many people and some conditions (alopecia totalis), several of us prefer the more natural appearance of our own hair. Color sprays or spray thickeners not only appearance “fake” but come off on clothes or headrests and fool no one.

Low level laser therapy is becoming the treatment of choice and is usually and best used in a system or in conjunction with the appropriate vitamins, scalp cleansers, air con, and water treatment. The good news is that we usually are in the habit of consuming vitamins anyway and shampooing and conditioning our hair, so these items can just be substituted along with ones that work best with the laser beam therapy. Water can be conditioned having a water filter hooked to your bath head to remove harmful chlorine, plus any additional liquid scalp preparations or nutrients can be easily worked into your hair care regime.

Thankfully, these days there are great products sold in a complete laser beam system that takes the guesswork out of individual buying or merging of products.

The laser hand held devices now on the market vary within strength, cost and ease of use. The very best ones have no cord (battery size is usually long due to the level of the laser) and that way there are simply no chargers or cords to worry about. The best would have the most surface coverage and highest number of light emitting diodes, to ensure you were making the best usage of your treatment time. The laserlight “brush” should be used every other day to get a total of about 20 to half an hour, so it should also be able to be relaxed directly on the scalp and be light-weight.

Results and Benefits

Low level laser therapy activates the necessary digestive enzymes that accelerate the natural cellular processes in the hair bulb and increases protein synthesis, healthy blood flow and tissue health. These factors all stimulate healthy hair growth. LLLT is natural and safe with no identified side effects, and results in hair creation in cases of hair loss caused by hereditary hair loss, stress, hormone imbalances plus poor nutrition. We will be seeing and hearing a lot more about the success stories which come from this new, easy to use, on the go type of treatment to prevent hair loss that was previously only available by a lifetime of visits 3 times a week to a hair loss clinic or salon.